Wagon Prototype Has Been Delivered

WASCOSA recently received the prototype of a new wagon type specifically designed for enhanced container handling in railway sidings. The new type is based on a light-weight 60 feet container wagon which is equipped with “plug-in” inlays. These inlays serve as a drive-on platform for forklift trucks. This allows a seamless loading and unloading directly at the customer’s ramp.

The prototype has been built by Fahrzeugweke Miraustrasse (Berlin, Germany). Specific requirements defined by SBB Cargo, ETH Zürich IVT and WASCOSA have been considered to increase cost efficiency during loading processes in sidings.

After technical tests and examinations, field tests will start at sidings of SBB Cargo customers. WASCOSA’s new wagon type will be used as part of the “Swiss Split 2” operation concept – also part of the ViWaS project – in Switzerland.