Munich Workshop: Telematics in Wagonload Transport

The objectives of the European research and development project ViWaS (Viable Wagonload Production Schemes) are ambitious. The participating companies, research institutes and universities from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland are aiming jointly at the development of innovative and at the same time practical solutions in order to ensure a sustainable wagonload transport. A few solutions were presented at the ViWaS workshop „Telematics in wagonload transport“ on 22nd October in Munich.

About a year after project launch, 30 representatives of companies and committees participating in ViWaS as well as other stakeholders of wagonload transport and the European Railway Agency met at the workshop. “On the one hand, the market share of wagonload transports has decreased in the past years throughout Europe – as a result of high production costs and non-competitive quality standards”, explained Niklas Galonske, ViWaS project manager of the consulting and software company HaCon. “On the other hand, wagonload transport is still a vital transport chain component in some industries such as the chemical industry.” The focus of the workshop at Deutsches Museum, Transportzentrum was on telematics applications. “We have legitimate expectations that their employment will lead to a regain in market shares for rail transport“, Galonske said. “Modern telematics systems are able to im-prove the process stability and competitiveness of rail transports significantly.”

The press release to the workshop in Munich is available within the Media Centre.