This page contains information on the most important ViWaS outputs, specifically deliverables, progress summaries and further result documentations. Project outputs will be added to the site as they become available.

Project Final Report:

In November 2015, the ViWaS project has been successfully terminated. The summary report contains ViWaS results, conclusions and socio-economic impacts.

Project Final Report


D3.1: Documentation of ViWaS dissemination and networking activities

D4.1: Report on target markets and KPIs related to ViWaS project developments

D6.1 (Part 1/3): Report on new ways for last-mile operation methods

D6.1 (Part 2/3): Report on improved transhipment technologies for cost-optimised cargo collection/delivery

D6.1 (Part 3/3): Report on hybrid locomotive traction schemes

D6.2: Report on a new last-mile production method separating train movements and shunting processes

D7.1: Prototype container wagons for loading and unloading of ISO containers in rail sidings

D7.2: Prototype timber cassette with foldable stanchions

D7.3: Prototype intelligent telematics devices

D7.4: Prototype of a Smart Load-Sensor

D7.5: Prototype of an improved container wagon enabling loading/unloading of 45′ containers

D10.1: Report on the pilot implementations

D11.1: Evaluation